img_0782Hello all!

My name is Cathleen and I am a full-time nanny to twin girls and a part-time yoga and SUP yoga instructor in the Baltimore/Annapolis area of MD. I attended Salisbury University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in 2010. During the interval between graduation and applying to school again to become a Child-Centered Play Therapist, I began nannying and the rest is history. Just kidding, a lot happened during that history… like falling in love with nannying and pursuing my passion for yoga and childcare rather than graduate school.

After receiving my RYT 200 under the mentorship of Leslie Coombs at Avalon Yoga in Catonsville, MD, I enrolled in children’s yoga training and received my Childlight Yoga certification in October 2015.  As well as being a yoga instructor and nanny, I am an avid crafter, traveler, and ‘baby chef’. ‘Baby chef’ because most of the meals I cook are for one-year-olds and I am in no way a seasoned professional when it comes to cooking.

I’m often trying to find new ways to blend all my interests and spend A LOT of time browsing online blogs for information and inspiration. I also spend A LOT of time testing out different child-friendly recipes (I’ve got a picky eater on my hands).  As I was browsing along one day, it occurred to me how convenient it would be to have access to all this information in one space, as well as some sort of archive for my personal favorites.

I’ve created YogiNani as a way to connect with fellow yogis and nannies, to share some craft and meal creativity, and to inspire others to incorporate the teachings of yoga in childcare. I’m also still learning and would love to receive feedback and make new friends!


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