Kids Yoga Bowl

When I plan my kids classes, I usually try to weave a message into the mayhem. For instance, in my January class, I suggested choosing an affirmation for the year instead of a resolution. So when I sat down to plan out my February class, I had allll sorts of ideas related to love and open hearts. And then I realized it was the same day as the Super Bowl (I’m a huge sports fanatic, obviously) and I took all those plans and threw ’em out the window- just like a football. I kid, I kid, but I did take those plans and modify them to create the …*DRUM ROLL PLEAASEE*… KIDS YOGA BOWL!!!!

Our teams were a bit slim, but my dear friend (who is awesome and just finished her RYT 200 – WAHOOO!) brought her niece and stayed to help keep the teams even. To kick off the Yoga Bowl, we made footballs and then put a line of tape down the center of our yoga mats for strength and agility drills. We did lateral jumps, pushups, squats, and lunges to warm up and then moved through some yoga poses while trying to keep our hands and eyes on the ball! Finally, we were ready to put our focus and balance skills to the test with a few games.


I was particularly proud of myself for coming up with the first game. I lined up yoga mats across the room as if they were yard lines and placed an action card on each mat (i.e. 10 jumping jacks, do tree pose, high knees for 30 seconds, etc.) There were also a few “Go back to the start” cards. The yogis took turns rolling a die and moving that many yard lines. When they reached the end zone, I may have been yelling “GOOOALLLL” like we were playing soccer (again, huge sports fanatic). Then, we played “Keep it Up” with balloons- which is pretty self-explanatory.

When I think back on my favorite teachers throughout the years, I can’t remember one specific thing they taught me. I do; however, remember how passionate they were about their subjects. And how that passion and energy was contagious. This occurred to me recently as I was writing a note to the dear friend I mentioned earlier. As a gift for completing her RYT 200, I passed along a book of readings that I used when I first started teaching. It helped me find words when mine seemed inadequate. However, I’ve learned in the past few years that there doesn’t always need to be a deeper meaning or subtle message in the class – just a teacher who cares about sharing his/her love and passion with the students.




kids yoga – kids yoga bowl

One thought on “Kids Yoga Bowl

  1. Love it ! There’s so many ways to get inspired for kids yoga 🙂 you got a great one . And your pics are awesome 👏🏻


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