The Winds of March

Hello friends!

While laying in bed last week listening to the roaring wind, and simultaneously praying the tree I was parked under wouldn’t fall on my car, the perfect lesson plan to begin March came to me… WIND!

March roars in like a lion so fierce, the wind so cold it seems to pierce. The month rolls on and spring draws near. And March goes out like a lamb, so dear.-Lorie Hill

I started off class by reading the poem above in circle time and then practiced lion’s breath. As we moved through ‘cat/cows’, every time we exhaled in to cat, we roared out breath with our tongues sticking out. Then, we moved on to our yoga journey for the day.

Sometimes, I’ll choose a few poses that tie-in to our theme, but this week I made up a little story to move through our poses. Since I live in the ‘Sailing Capital of the World,’ we pretended to be sailboats venturing around the Chesapeake Bay. I won’t overload you with all the details (you can check them out on the cheat sheet below), but let it be known that I finally found an excuse to make use of my enormous scarf collection. But does anyone really need an excuse to whip out scarves and dance around the room pretending to be wind and waves?? After our boats sailed back to port, we moved off our mats for fun and games.


Straws and cotton balls made for an easy and entertaining ‘wind game.’ I set up yoga mat squares at one end of the room and each student took 1 straw and 3 cotton balls. Using only their straw and breath, they had to blow the cotton balls across the room and onto their designated square. Then, we used the same straw for one of my favorite art activities, blow paint.

In order to avoid a paint-astrophe, I was the designated paint distributor and the kids were the wind makers. Once everyone was settled with a piece of paper in front of them and a straw in hand, I smeared several different watered-down paint colors onto the paper and it was their job to make the paint dance. While this activity leads to some beautiful art work, it can also lead to light headedness so be sure to take a few ‘breath-breaks.’ Finally, we moved back to our mats for savasana and our ‘Namasté Song.’


Next week, we’ll be celebrating my FAVORITE holiday with a St. Patrick’s Day class. Stay tuned and ’til then … ‘May the road rise to meet you. May the wind be always at your back.’

The Winds of March



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