Nani-Foodi Friday: Chicken & Veggie Meatballs

Do all twins come out of the womb as complete opposites when it comes to food preferences or is it just my nanny babes? One of the reasons I started this blog was to keep an archive of recipes I’ve found online and in cook books that were a hit with both the girls, as well as sharing some of my own… but to be quite honest I don’t cook enough, nor do I trust myself enough to create recipes. So, any food ideas I post on here you can pretty much guarantee I’ve borrowed from someone else.img_2759

This first one is my all time favorite… I mean, who knew meatballs could be so beautiful?? Plus, I can sneakily get the picky eater to ingest some vegetables. If you want to make some real artsy looking mini-meatballs, you can find this recipe here. The only adjustment I made was to put the vegetables and chicken in to a blender. When I’ve attempted putting chopped or grated vegetables in to dishes in the past, the picky eater still manages to pull the chunks out of her mouth or eats around them.

Bon appetit to your littles!


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