Hello from sunny Florida!

Jokes on me that I left for Florida and we got 70 degree weather in Maryland, right? Working in Miami for the week definitely beats the same old back home though and lucky lucky me my nanny family wanted to bring me on vacation. Up until a few months ago I had never stayed over night with any of my families, but in October the twins’ mom asked if I’d be willing to travel with them up to Skaneateles, NY to visit some of her extended family. While I was pretty weary at first, I ended up having such a great time and felt so relaxed around the family that I had no hesitation when they asked me if I’d be willing to travel with them to Florida this time.

Since we didn’t know proper protocol for hours, payment, etc., we did a bit of google research before leaving for New York and decided on the following: all of my travel expenses would be paid for, my hours and pay would remain the same as at home (document and get paid by the hour), and I would have my own space to turn down at night. Everything went so swimmingly we stuck to the same guidelines for this trip, but with the best bonus EVER… they offered my boyfriend an invite, as well! Since they wanted to have a lot of family time during the day, they wanted me to have someone to explore with while I wasn’t on the clock.

Here we are venturing out to get sushi at Makoto on the awesome bikes the hotel provided!

Brian and I have traveled quite a bit together, but I can say hands down this was the fanciest travel accommodations we have EVER experienced. Seriously, Ritz Carlton Bal Harbour, you’re the real MVP… after my employers, that is. Five minutes in the hotel and Brian told me he ‘couldn’t handle all of the hospitality.’ I couldn’t wrap my head around how thoughtful they were regarding the girls.

The twins could’t wrap their heads around the view from the balcony.

Who thinks to provide baby-proofing accessories for the hotel room, insulated lunch boxes to take to the beach, and makes four trips in a row up to your room without breaking their chipper demeanor? The Ritz staff does! (On a side note: I sincerely apologize to housekeeping for failing to anticipate needing a knife, pot, baking sheet, and olive oil all at once.) The girls’ Mom made a good point though, ‘vacations are not for your children, they’re for you.’ The twins may not remember this trip, but their parents will… and my eternally grateful self will, too. So, I encourage anyone planning to travel with little ones: don’t think too much about how to make the trip memorable for your kids, but rather how to make it as simple and enjoyable for you. After all, no one is going to have a good time if Mom and Dad are miserable.

Stay warm, friends!

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