Here goes…

My life is a chaos of reminders scribbled on post-its, recipes jotted down on note pads, and yoga lesson plans written on different scraps of paper.  No joke- I gathered the pile above from various bags in the trunk of my car (also filled with an array of crafts, hula hoops, and children’s books) in an attempt to organize to a point where I could even begin this blog.

I’ve been a nanny for over 3 years now and have been teaching yoga for just over a year. When I applied for my RYT200, I had high hopes a more consistent practice and a deeper understanding of the anatomy and philosophy of yoga would help me de-compress and de-clutter.  It has never failed me in the de-compress department… the de-cluttering of my junk (material and mental); however, is an ongoing process. Cue the idea of the birth of this blog. My blog baby, if you will.

In theory, this will be the most organized and sensible haven to come for all things related to yoga, child care, food and fun.  In reality, it’ll probably be more like a metaphorical baby (see above).  A bit messy at first, but undeniably adorable and steadily developing.  If my ability to keep small children entertained and fed has any indication of the future content and growth of this blog though, we should allll be in for a treat.

So to all my fellow yogis, caregivers, and mommas out there… I hope you join me on this journey, pick up some tricks of the yogi-nani trade, and share some of your tried and true tricks with me, as well.


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